Senselet – Part 73-2 (Ethiopian Drama)

Melat Mulugeta

Senselet (meaning “chain” in Amharic) is the first United States-based Ethiopia weekly drama series. It’s cast members, including Tewodros Legesse, Tsedey Moges Dawit, Temesgen Afework, Mestawet Aragaw, Sofi Admasu, Yodit Mengistu. The drama’s setting is the Washington DC Metro Area, which includes Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. The plot revolves around an unscrupulous lawyer and a frustrated owner of an Ethiopian convenience store. The series is aired every Saturday.

Presented by Holyland Pictures and Mela Production

Written by Temsgen Afewerk

Story Development: Tewodros Legesse Bizu

Producer: Mela Production