PM Abiy Ahmed unveils a new, overhauled cabinet

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today has unveiled a new, overhauled cabinet reducing the number of ministers from 28 to 20. The Parliament approved the appointment of 20 ministers. Watch the details below:

(AP) – The new Cabinet is percent female, including a woman defense minister, after lawmakers on Tuesday unanimously approved the nominations put forward by reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“Our women ministers will disprove the old adage that women can’t lead,” Abiy said while presenting his choices.

Aisha Mohammed Musa will lead the defense ministry. Another woman, former House speaker Muferiat Kamil, will lead the newly created Ministry of Peace at a time when Africa’s second most populous country faces sometimes violent ethnic tensions amid sweeping political and economic reforms.

This 20-member Cabinet, trimmed from 28 posts, is the second named since Abiy took office in April.