OPDO is the vanguard of Ethiopia’s current reform movement


Currently, there is no Ethiopian political entity that is as well-organized and as skillfully led as the Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO). Under the dynamic and decisive leadership of Lema Megersa, OPDO has transformed itself from a TPLF puppet into a powerhouse that is championing democracy, freedom, and Ethiopian unity more steadfastly and effectively than any other group. Lema paved the way for another incredibly talented individual, Dr Abiy Ahmed, to become the prime minister of Ethiopia. The duo, in collaboration with ANDM’s Gedu Andargachew and Demeke Mekonnen, is leading Ethiopia’s current reform movement.

What OPDO under the leadership of Abiy and Lema has been able to achieve in Ethiopia over the past 4 months is nothing short of a miracle. So it is amusing, but not surprising, to hear some individuals, instigated by TPLF, complain that OPDO is dominating the Ethiopian government. What do they expect? Who else is organizationally capable of doing what OPDO is doing at this moment?

OPDO has opened up the political space in Ethiopia. Use this opportunity to organize yourself. Do not fall for TPLF’s social media agitation. One does not have to be in the government to help the reform movement. Everyone in his/her own field — business, entertainment, media, academia, sports, etc. — can be a leader in the movement to transform Ethiopia into a prosperous nation.