Bomb blast near Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed increases concern for his safety

A bomb was exploded near Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today as he sat down during a huge public rally at Mesqel Square in Addis Ababa. The Prime Minister was safely escorted off the stage, but the blast has heightened the concerns many Ethiopians have been expressing about an assassination attempt him. The blast took place only about 40 meters from where PM Abiy was sitting. The demonstration organizers said the Prime Minister was the target.

The video below shows as PM Abiy’s bodyguards are surrounding him after hearing the blast.

The blast has caused casualties (ETV has reported that 154 people have been hospitalized, and one person died). Fortunately, a stampede has not occurred. In fact, the demonstrators run towards the victims to help them, instead of running away.

It is reported that six suspects have been apprehended by the demonstrators and handed over to the police.

Prime Minister Abiy has delivered the following statement after the incident:

Video of the demonstration

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