A call to President Trump to sanction some Ethiopian officials under Magnitsky Act


Ethiopia under the new prime minister, Dr Abiy Ahmed, is on the path of reform and reconciliation. He has done a miraculous job in a short time. The Ethiopian people are standing with him. But the problems facing Ethiopia are so complex and numerous that the road ahead is going to be difficult. There is also a risk that Ethiopia could reverse course. We believe the international community, particularly the United States, can help Ethiopia and her new Prime Minster’s reform agenda. We call on President Trump to impose travel and financial sanctions under the Magnitsky Act against Shiferaw Shigute and other political leaders in Ethiopia who are instigating ethnic violence. The disturbing video below shows a mob organized by Shiferaw Shigute and his cohorts attacking civilians in the southern Ethiopian town of Hawassa.

VIDEOS – Hawasa town, June 2018

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