Ethiopia’s new intelligence chief Adem Mohammed talks about reforming the spy agency

The recently appointed head of Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), General Adem Mohammed, has held a press conference on Tuesday where he talked about the reform measures that he has undertaken since he was appointed director general two weeks ago.

NISS, under its former head, Getachew Assefa, was known for unspeakable human rights atrocities. Tens of thousands of innocent Ethiopians were tortured and murdered on the orders of Getachew Assefa, a senior member of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF). He is considered to be among the top 3 worst mass murderers in Ethiopia’s recent history — Meles Zenawi and Samor Yenus being the other two.

General Adem has promised to make serious changes in NISS. He said that NISS agents will no longer be allowed to be members of any political party and that the agency will become politically neutral.

The fact that he has given a press conference is a positive step. He must continue to make himself available to the public, the parliament, and the media, unlike his faceless predecessor.

General Adem’s press conference – VIDEO

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