Supporters of PM Abiy Ahmed’s reform agenda organize mass rally in Addis Ababa

Supporters of the reform movement that has been launched by Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have called for a mass rally to be held next Saturday, June 23, 2018, at Mesqel Square in Addis Ababa.

The organizing group has issued a statement today outlining the reasons for the support rally. The primary reason the group stated is to demonstrate a strong popular support for the Prime Minister’s actions so far, including the release of political prisoners and opening up the political space in the country.

PM Abiy has released thousands of prisoners of conscience, called for a national reconciliation, and invited opposition groups for discussions, saving the country for a bloody civil war. Many exiled dissidents are currently returning to Ethiopia heeding the Prime Minister’s call.

The rally organizers are concerned that forces who oppose the ongoing reform are waging a campaign of sabotage by fomenting ethnic clashes in various Ethiopian towns over the past few days, and drying up the country’s foreign currency reserve. There is a real concern that these forces, who are linked to the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), may attempt to overthrow PM Abiy’s government and institute a military junta. Ethiopia’s history is filled with aborted reform movements. This time there is a determination among Ethiopians that they will stand guard of PM Abiy and his reform agenda.

Stay tuned for more updates about the planned rally.

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