Rwanda’s dictator Paul Kagame sowing the seeds of another civil war

As Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and other African countries try to discard dictatorship, Rwanda under its increasingly despotic leader, Paul Kagame, is sinking deeper into the kind of brutal dictatorship that has kept Africa the poorest and most miserable place in the world.

Kagame, who is currently being propped up by the usual culprits (the Susan Rice types) in London and Washington DC as a “brilliant” leader, has jailed leaders of opposition parties on trumped-up charges and confiscated their properties. In the short term, he may succeed in silencing his critics, but he is sowing the seeds of another genocidal civil war.

One of the opposition leaders whom Kagame has locked up in jail for almost a year is a young and dynamic leader named Ms. Diane Rwigara. Her only crime is criticizing Kagame and advocating respect for human rights.

Currently, there is a worldwide effort to put pressure on Kagame to release Ms. Diane. Please add your voice to this effort by demanding Kagame release Ms. Diane and all the other political prisoners in Rwanda. This is his Twitter address:

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