Trump Administration to initiate mediation between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan

Cairo-based Al Hayat newspaper reports that US President Donald Trump is showing interest in helping resolve the current dispute between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan involving the construction of the Nile dam after the failure of all parties to find solutions.

An American delegation has been engaged in talks to identify the positions of the three countries on the issue of the dam, and the formation of a view leading to the creation of a common ground to reach understandings and solutions that satisfy all parties, according to the report.

The delegation includes Assistant Secretary of State for East Africa Eric Stromier, Director of the Office of Egyptian Affairs and Near East Affairs David Greene, and Special Coordinator for Water Resources at the Office of the Ocean, Environment and Scientific Affairs Aaron Salzberg.

Sudanese newspaper Attibah has also reported that Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour has the Dam construction with in a telephone conversation with acting U.S. Secretary of State John Sullivan.