Behind Ethiopia’s Prosperity: Systematic Genocide Of An Ancient Tribe


While Ethiopia celebrates the naming of Abiy Ahmed, from the protest-hit areas of Oromo, as the new prime minister, Anuaks, a Nilotic tribe, 900 km away from the country capital, see no ray of hope. The declaration of emergency and consequent unrest pushed them into a state of great uncertainty.
Just days after the United States made a statement on human rights abuses in the country, PM Desalegn had to quit to “smoothen path for political reforms”. Clearly, the US, largest bilateral donor to Ethiopia, did not want to dirty its fingers anymore with widespread protests rocking the only stable country in the Horn of Africa. The US intervention also comes in the wake European Union taking cognisance of the human rights abuses in the country and urging the PM to release all political prisoners including prominent Oromia leaders and journalists.
After the loss of 600 lives, 70,000 arrests, 1,50,000 forceful displacements of traditional farmers, innumerable exiles of the country’s intellectual resources and an unprecedented 10 months of emergency in a democratic country, the European Union and the United States finally sat up and “urged” Ethiopian Prime Minister to clean up the mess.
Abiy Ahmed named to be Desalegn’s replacement will help stability return to the region that is key in the world’s fight against terrorism in Somalia and South Sudan. This will also stabilise the Oromia, the largest region in Ethiopia, where Oromos will be able to usher industrial development at their own pace and terms. It will not just be a victory for the Oromia and Amharas and also a path to salvation for the US and EU. […] CONTINUE READING