Amharic alphabet

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Amharic (Amharic: አማርኛ, IPA: [amarɨɲːa]) the national language of Ethiopia. It is the second most-spoken Semitic language in the world, after Arabic. It is estimated that Amharic is spoken by over 60 million people inside Ethiopia and a number of other countries, particularly in Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Egypt, Israel, and United States. Amharic is written using Amharic alphabet named fidel (ፊደል) that grew out of the Ge’ez (ግዕዝ) writing system.

The Ge’ez-based Amharic Alphabet – Fidel (ፊደል)

The Ge'ez (Ethiopic) script for Amharic
The Ge'ez (Ethiopic) script for Amharic


Ethiopic punctuation


Ethiopic numerals

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