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Controversial illegal firearms circulation in Amhara

According to Ethiopia's gun law,  persons of minimum age 24 may lawfully acquire, possess or transfer a firearm or ammunition. And, the information must be retained in an official register. State agencies are required on demand, to maintain records of the storage and movement of all firearms and ammunition under their control. In order to implement this protocol, Amhara Region Militia Secretarial Office has announced that anyone who possesses firearms should register. The office also warned militias to give up their illegal firearms since possession of illegal guns in the region has accelerated conflicts and death of civilians. It has also created feelings of insecurity in society. Despite the official announcements, illegal firearms are still being smuggled in the region. Ato Mequanint Melkamu, Head of Amhara Region Militia Secretarial Office, prompted the proclamation for firearms that prevent a civilian from carrying weapons in public areas without clearance from the governmental office. He also mentioned that the office is giving back registered weapons to the previous owners.