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Ambo University students tear-gassed by police

It is to be recalled that following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's appointment exiled armed opposition parties came back to Ethiopia. One of the major parties amongst them is the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). There has been a controversy about the party not disarming even after coming home pledging to participate in peaceful political activities. The Oromiya region has been hit with violence in different locations due to the controversy. The regional government and the OLF keep accusing each other of loss of human life and damage to property. The violence also forced thousands to flee their homes. Many accused the political groups founded in the name of Oromia including OLF for the recent conflicts in the region. Ambo University students and all Ambo Preparatory students held a protest yesterday opposing the actions of Oromia-based parties and demanded their reconciliation for a peaceful Oromia. The demonstration took an unexpected turn when the police used tear-gas to disperse the crowd. Ato Tadesse Kenea, Vice president of the university told Mereja TV that the protest was not approved and the learning-teaching process in now continuing peacefully.