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Bereket Simon's court appearance

Following Prime Minister Abiy's appointment and his reform agenda, there has been an ongoing arrest of senior military figures, high-level intelligence personnel and their associates over alleged large-scale corruption cases and years of human rights abuse against dissidents and rebels. This week it was reported that Ato Bereket Simon, a politician who is a former communication minister and Ato Tadesse Kassa, member of the Amhara Democratic Party were arrested on corruption charges and were sent to Bahir Dar for their trial. In their court appearance yesterday, Ato Bereket told the court about unfair treatment in the detention center, the inconvenience of the trial for his family living in Addis Ababa and his violated human right of presumption of innocence by the media. After listening to Ato Bereket, the court ordered the detention center to provide the proper treatments and granted prosecution 14 days for investigation. It is to remember that the names of the two suspects have been associated with a corruption scandal within the government conglomerate TIRET.