Amhara Region’s Modified Curfew Fails to Mask Deteriorating Security Situation

Amid persistent conflict in northern Ethiopia, today the Central Command Post of the State of Emergency has adjusted the curfew hours in the Amhara region, sparking concerns over the actual state of security and public stability. Despite official reports claiming an enhancement in peace and security, observers and local accounts suggest that the situation on the ground reflects a more troubled reality.

The recent announcement made by Mengesha Fentaw, head of the local Communications Service, indicated a modification in curfew hours, asserting a return to normalcy. However, this assertion is debated, given the continued restrictions and the visible ongoing military presence, raising questions about the proclaimed stability in the region.

While the curfew—previously set at 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. local time—has seen slight adjustments, stringent limitations on vehicular movements persist. The decision, meant to portray a situation under control, contrasts sharply with the experiences of local residents who continue to navigate daily life under the palpable tension and uncertainty that belies the official narrative.

Fentaw’s statement emphasized the notion of restored peace, citing recent public gatherings and events. However, these are viewed by many as orchestrated attempts to project a sense of normalcy while overshadowing the strife that residents continue to face amidst sporadic violence and heightened security measures.

As the region braces for continued uncertainty, the disparity between official statements and the actual sentiments and experiences on the ground poses significant concerns about the future of stability and security in the Amhara region.