Ethiopia’s first satellite scheduled for launch on 20 December

A Chinese Long March 4B rocket (CZ-4B) launch scheduled to ferry Ethiopia’s first remote sensing satellite ETRSS-1 into orbit tomorrow, on 17 December, has been postponed for three days due to unfavorable weather condition.

The Long March 4B rocket will now lift off on the 20 December at 03:21 GMT from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in China, carrying on board the ETRSS-1 satellite as a secondary payload and the CBERS 4A remote sensing satellite as a primary payload. CBERS 4A is the fifth China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite for the collection of global imagery for environmental, urban planning and agricultural applications.

Once launched into its designated orbit, the ETRSS-1 satellite will provide data to monitor the environment and weather patterns for better agricultural planning, early warning for drought, mining activities and forestry management. […] READ MORE

AP reported that Ethiopia’s Innovation and Technology Minister Getahun Mekuria on Friday told reporters the satellite will be used for agricultural, mining, environmental protection and earth observatory purposes.

The minister said Ethiopian engineers took part in the satellite’s construction.

A control center has been set up on the outskirts of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.