875,000 Displaced People Have Returned Home – Billene Seyoum


Inter-ethnic conflict and violence continue to lead to large scale displacement in Ethiopia. A report that was released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) indicated that the number of people internally displaced has continued to grow and the figure has increased from two million to 2.33 million people displaced.

Ethnic Violence is said to be the major cause for the displacement. These conflicts have caused some 1.4 million Ethiopians to leave their homes since the start of the year. The Gedeo and West Guji region in southern Ethiopia and the Oromia-Somali border region are parts of the country with a high displacement rate.

On a press release that was held on Thursday spokeswoman, Billene Seyoum said that the government has returned home a total of 875,000 Internally Displaced People within the past few weeks. According to Billene, the government will continue to work on rehabilitating the remaining displaced people to their homes.

She also disclosed that thousands of suspects including security officials who are responsible for displacements of individuals and violation of rights have been identified and will be facing the full forces of law.