The new administrative boundaries commission won’t solve identity questions – Abraha Desta


The parliament passed a controversial bill yesterday establishing the Administrative Boundaries and Identity Affairs Commission after a massive debate between two sides. The side opposing the bill argued that the bill intervenes with the authority of House of Federation while the other side responded by emphasizing the need for the bill in respective of the recent conflicts in the country. In response to the debate, Ato Tesfaye Daba, chairman of Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee explained the commission’s role won’t interfere with the House of Federation’s authority and the bill was drafted by counsel of the house.
In an interview with Mereja TV, Ato Aberha Desta, Chairman of ARENA, disapproves the bill since he doesn’t believe it will solve any issues. Mereja TV also interviewed legal expert Ato Esayas Mekonen who explained how the bill contradicts the constitution.