Ethiopia’s navy to be re-established; maybe jointly with Eritrea

General Berhanu Jula, the deputy chief of staff of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), has confirmed that his landlocked country is looking to establish a naval base in another country.

In an interview published by the Ethiopian Press Agency, Gen. Berhanu said that Addis Ababa had taken a “strategic decision … to develop maritime power within its proximity” and was cited as saying it is working aggressively on re-establishing a navy.

Ethiopia has not had a navy since it lost its Red Sea coastline after Eritrea became independent in 1993. The peace agreement signed by the two states in Saudi Arabia in September this year to end 20 years of confrontation has paved the way for Ethiopia to regain access to Eritrea’s ports, a move that would reduce its dependency on Djibouti for its international trade.

Source: Jane’s 360