Ethiopian coffee producers and exporters target the Chinese market

(Xinhua) – Ethiopian coffee producers and exporters have expressed interest in entering China’s vast coffee market, while demand for coffee has recently increased in China.

With the growing demand for coffee from young Chinese people, progress in the emerging Chinese market has become a major priority for Ethiopian producers and exporters.

Alfoz Plc, one of Ethiopia’s leading specialty coffee harvesting, processing and exporting companies, is one of the companies that wants to strengthen its presence in China.

“While Chinese consumers’ interest in coffee in general and Ethiopian coffee, in particular, has increased in recent years, we are currently looking for opportunities to better penetrate the Chinese market,” said Yohanis Addis, director of sales and marketing. marketing of Alfoz Plc, during a recent interview with Xinhua.

The upcoming China International Import Exhibition (CIIE), scheduled for November 5-10 in Shanghai, “is the perfect event for us to interact successfully with our potential Chinese colleagues and resellers”, he stressed, in order to collaborate “in order to effectively penetrate the vast Chinese market”.

China has already become one of Ethiopia’s top export destinations. During the 2017-2018 fiscal period that ended on July 8, the African country exported $ 245 million worth of goods to China, according to the Ethiopian Ministry of Commerce.

Wondimu Filate, director of public relations and communication at the ministry, recently confirmed to Xinhua that Ethiopia’s exports to China have steadily increased through bilateral and multilateral relations and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (ASCF).