Ethiopia officially launches visa-on-arrival services for all citizens of African countries

(Xinhua) – The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced Friday the launch of visa-on-arrival services for all citizens of African countries.

In a press release, the Foreign Ministry said that the Ethiopian government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, was working to establish a peaceful and integrated Africa.

“The visa-on-arrival services for all African nationals have been launched with a view to realizing the vision of our founding fathers of a peaceful and integrated Africa where minds, ideas, and markets are open to trade,” says the press release. “The arrival of visas for our African brothers will clearly demonstrate our commitment to the ideals of free movement of people across the continent and to the integration agenda, which are also set as objectives of the continental organization,” said the statement, referring to the African Union (AU).

Ethiopia, which hosts the AU headquarters, hopes that this decision will contribute to the AU initiative on the free movement of people. The AU has called on all African countries to issue visas on arrival for 2023.

Ethiopia also hopes that the incoming visa initiative will promote tourism and help the economy.