Attorney General says OLF member was a mastermind behind June 16 assassination attempt against Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed

Five suspects have been charged today with terrorism following the assassination attempt against Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The assassination attempt on the Prime Minister took place on June 26 in Addis Ababa, two months after he took office.

According to Ethiopian attorney general’s office, the mastermind of the attack is an Ethiopian woman named Genet Tamiru (aka Toleshi Tamiru), a member of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) who resides in Kenya.

The five-suspects against whom charges have been filed include Getu Girma, Birhanu Jafar, Tilahun Getachew, Bahiru Tolosa and Dessalegn Tesfaye who are also supporters of OLF and they were motivated to attack the Prime Minister in the belief that his party, Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), does not represent the Oromo people, the attorney general explained.

The prime minister survived the June 16 bomb attack, but two others were killed and over 150 people were injured.

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