PM Abiy Ahmed’s 100-day in office

In his first 100 days in office, Abiy has freed thousands of political prisoners; ended the state of emergency; announced plans to partially privatise key industries, including telecommunications and aviation; admitted and denounced the use of torture by state security services; and fired prison officials implicated in human rights abuses in the wake of a damning Human Rights Watch report.

He also ended a war. The hostilities between Ethiopia and Eritrea date back decades, but it took Abiy just a few weeks to conclude a peace deal with Isaias Afwerki, his counterpart in Asmara. Crucially, Abiy was prepared to make concessions, including withdrawing troops from disputed border regions. Now there are scheduled flights between the two countries and, for the first time, it is possible to make international phone calls between them, allowing some long-separated families to speak to each other for the first time this century. [...] CONTINUE READING


EPRDF elects Dr Abiy Ahmed as its chairman and new prime minister

PM Abiy Ahmed Assumes office on April 2, 2018

Goes on a nationwide tour

Invites representatives of opposition groups to dinner

Visits all neighboring countries except South Sudan

Holds a meeting with business leaders about hard currency shortage

Releases thousands of political prisoners

Replaces the heads of military and intelligence, and reshuffles cabinet

Brings nation together with electrifying speeches

Escapes assassination attempt

Signes peace deal with Eritrea