Northern Command of National Defense Force members who survived TPLF's attack speak out

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TPLF has made an attack on the Northern Command of National Defense Force based in the Tigray State. Following this, the Federal government has started enforcement of law and order. The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) has kept on pursuing counteroffensive and is taking control of strategic places while advancing to other areas said ENDF Chief of Staff Gen. Berhanu Jula.

Gen. Berhanu said the northern command of the army that had been cut off from food and water supplies for five days, reorganized itself and has continued securing various areas.
The forces that were under siege of the TPLF destructive group; 7th Mechanized, 8th Mechanized, 23rd Army Division, 11th Army Division, 31st Army Division, 20th Army Division, 4th Mechanized, 5th Mechanized, were all members of the Northern Command, he told ENA.
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