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Who are “Duko Hina,” the young activists who blocked Ethio-Djibouti road?

Ethiopia’s main line of import-export route to Djibouti through Afar state was blocked by protesters yesterday between the Semera and Awash cities. The protest came as a result f the demonstration by the youth angered by the government negligence of the violence in Afar. The violence occurred when Somali’s Isa ethnic group attacked Afar tribes living around the borders. The route being closed led to a fuel shortage in the center of the country. Mereja TV interviewed Ato Ahmed, one of the leaders of Duko Hina, a youth group that is responsible for the road blockade. He said that the group was formed to fight against injustice in the area. According to him, the cause behind the demonstration is the decision to move the regional police from the area without the permission of the people. He also added that until the roads and the railway open, the community is taking care of the stranded passengers.