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Sululta residents in fear after news of demolition

The Oromia regional state announced that the administration will be taking forceful actions on houses built illegally on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. The approach caused public outrage amongst the residents of the area. It is known that the demolition of thousands of houses in Legetafo Lgedadi city has been in the news within the past few weeks. It is reported that thousands of people became homeless after losing their houses. Many quoted the event as a radical statement from Oromo Democratic Party (ODP). It is also to be recalled that journalists were attacked when they were reporting on the casualties of the demolition. The situation worsened when PM Abiy Ahmed denied any knowledge of the demolitions even though he is the current OPD’s president. After witnessing thousands lose their homes in Legetafo, Suluta is in tension after the city’s administration gave them 7 days prior notice for demolition. The residents reported to Sheger Radio that many homes are marked by the administration already. However, Sululta’s Mayor Rosa Umer denied the residents’ claim on Sheger radio as follows.