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Addis Ababa residents' reaction to Al-Amoudi's release

Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi is a Saudi billionaire businessman born in Ethiopia with a broad portfolio of business in construction, energy, agriculture, mining, hotels, healthcare, and manufacturing among others. His net worth was an estimated 10.7 Dollars in 2016 by Forbes Magazine before his arrest. As of today, Forbes Magazine has ranked Al-Amoudi the 159th wealthiest man with a 1.2 billion Dollars net worth.

Al-Amoudi was arrested on November 4, 2017, upon the orders of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman(MBS) and held captive in Saudi Arabia in a "corruption crackdown" conducted by Mohammed Bin Salman's "royal anti-corruption" committee. Al Amoudi was detained in Riyadh’s Ritz-Carlton hotel last November along with dozens of princes, officials, and businessmen. In May 2018, PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed inquired about Al-Amoudi’s in his visit to Saudi Arabia and reported that Al-AMoudi would be released.

Al-Amoudi’s release was announced yesterday and Dr. Arega, Yirdaw, CEO of MIDROC, confirmed the news to the media. Al-Amoudi is a prolific philanthropist in Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia. He is known in Ethiopia for his charitable funds in healthcare and sports. Mereja TV interviewed Addis Ababa residents for their thoughts on the news of Al-Amoudi’s release.
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