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Tigray Region arrests 29 members of its special force

In an interview with DW, Raya Identity and Self Administration Committee reported that Tigray Regional Police arrested 29 members of its special force. The members have been arrested on the charges of desertion a post. They are currently detained in Tigray’s military detention center. Their desertion is allegedly related to Raya people’s demand for self-administration. Many Raya-born officials and members working in governmental have been resigning from their respective position protesting for the cause. It is to be recalled that Zadig Abraha, a former spokesman in the office of the Prime Minister, submitted his resignation to Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). The Raya identity question has created a controversy between the Amhara and Tigray region that lasted for years. With the Amhara claiming that Raya was part of Wollo, one of the regions of what is now Amhara regional state, before it was annexed as part of Tigray after 1991 when the TPLF took power, a claim the Tigray region denies.