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Ethiopian embassy in Germany accused of mistreating Ethiopians during PM Abiy visit

Members of the Diaspora who are supporters of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed were ecstatic when he heard their voices and accepted their invitation to visit them in different countries. PM Abiy went to three different states in the USA and met with Ethiopians residing in Europe in an event held in Germany. But Ethiopians in the U.K. and other countries have raised complaints about mistreatment by the Ethiopian embassy staff during Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's visit to Frankfurt, Germany last month.  

PM Abiy’s visit to Germany and his discussion with the Diaspora in the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, was one for the history books. He discussed topics such as the involvement of the diaspora in building a democratic Ethiopia and the development of the country.  

The diaspora expressed appreciation, but also mentioned their grievances to the PM, including how the embassy in Frankfurt mistreated them behind the scenes on that day. People were angered because they were held at the door for hours in a very cold weather and their flags were thrown into a trash container. Muslim ladies who were wearing the flag as hijabs were also told that they had to throw it away.  Mothers who came with their babies were not allowed to bring their handbags with them. They mentioned that their disappointment was worsened by the fact that instead of apologizing, the embassy told the media that all went well.  The Ethiopian diaspora expressed disappointment that the embassy didn’t give attention to asylum seekers whose applications were denied. In response, Ambassador Mr. Miheretab Mulugeta explained that it was the arena stadium security that was responsible for restricting the people from taking in their flags and not the embassy. He also added that the embassy has sent its apologies through the directors of the committee members to the people for any inconveniences caused.