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Afar's regional council appointed Awel Arba as Chief Administrator

Following the ongoing national reform program led by prime minister Abiy Ahmed, regional states and their ruling parties have been appointing new leaders that can accelerate the reform. Correspondingly, on December 17, in its, the Afar Regional State Council approved the appointment of a new chief and deputy administrators for the region. Ato Awel Arba was appointed as the chief administrator and Muhammad Humeda as his deputy. Ato Awel has previously worked as deputy head of the region and is currently vice president of the Afar national democratic party. Alo Yayo, an activist from the region talked to Mereja Tv and said that the new chief administrator is the right person to execute the ongoing reform in the region. He also added that the former leadership was engaged in a serious power struggle and violations of human rights were reported. According to Alo, the former leadership was also heavily influenced by the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF).