Ethiopian airplane forced to land in Indonesia

A cargo airplane registered to Ethiopian Airlines was forced to land in Indonesia during an unscheduled flight from Addis Ababa to Singapore. Two Indonesian F-16 fighter jets accompanied the plane to an airport in Batam island. According to an air force spokesman,  Ethiopian B777 freighter flew into Indonesian airspace without permission. In a statement,  Ethiopian airlines said: "Ethiopian Airlines dedicated cargo airplane with flight number ET 3728/ 14 January on a non-scheduled cargo service from Addis Ababa to Singapore carrying aircraft engine has been made to land at Batam airport (Indonesia) by Indonesian authorities. The subject freighter aircraft was flying to drop an urgent aircraft engine in Singapore for maintenance and was crossing the Indonesian airspace in accordance with the ICAO Chicago Convention Article 5, by which non-scheduled flight can overfly the air space of a friendly country without prior permission. However, the authorities may require the aircraft to make a landing. Ethiopian Airlines has explained to the Indonesian Authorities on the details of the flight and the flying crew are resting in a hotel before they continue their flight."