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TPLF old official Abay Tsehaye interview with BBC Amharic

Abay Tsehaye was asked what he thinks of the new reforms as TPLF is said to be behind the conflicts seen in different regions of the country. He said that TPLF played a big role in EPRDF’s accepting its mistakes and asking the people for forgiveness. He further told the BBC that he believes TPLF should be seen as a role model for providing the basis for the new reforms. He also mentioned that they supported the selection of Dr. Abiy Ahmed as the prime minister of Ethiopia with good heart and obeyed the rule of law. Abay Tsehaye denied that TPLF was against the Ethio-Ertirea peace agreement. He said that TPLF not only appreciated the peace agreement with the Eritreans but also approved the freeing of those who were jailed. He also added that in many democratic countries when officials are forced to leave their power, they get mad and act with anger but on the contrary TPLF agreed that change was necessary and inevitable. He stated that condemning EPRDF as if it didn’t do anything for this country in the past 27 years is wrong and that asking for fairness is not being against the change.