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ODP officials explain the reason behind house demolition in Legetafo

It is to be recalled that the Legedadi Legetafo city administration started the demolition of thousands of houses deemed as being illegally built. There has been an outcry over the matter as the decision left thousands of people including children and the elderly on the streets. The demolition became a controversy as the real agenda behind this move is perceived as a political move rather than legal procedures. Despite the administration continued effort to assure that it is a legal action, none of the statements released by the administration don’t seem justifiable or adequate compared to the harm it has caused. Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) officials who are in charge of Legetafo and Sebeta towns, suburbs of Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, explain why it is necessary to demolish the houses which led to thousands of children and women ending up on the streets. The mass demolition has received backlashes from many influential agencies and humanitarian organizations. The actions left a bitter taste with Ethiopians and considered a really bad slip up for OPD in terms of public relations.