Bahir Dar University Teachers Protest

Teachers of Bahir Dar University held a protest today. The protest was for article 150 of the 2009 labor code, to be applied. This labor code was initially designed for benefiting teachers to own a house and for the application of this law on the already built houses. Although this law was designed to be applied till 2012, the teachers haven’t benefited from it yet. Teacher Kefyalew Bekalu, who is manager of the protest committee, disclosed the teachers’ need for promotions on the basis of further educational achievements in addition to housing benefits. Mr. Kefyalew also added that they are planning to go on a strike for five working days, if they are not going to get immediate response. As we all agree on teachers being “future generation builders” their request is one that shouldn’t be ignored. Government officials of the region should act on the teacher's request as soon as possible.