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Political players continue profiting from religious conflicts

Halaba, a zone in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ region, is believed to be subclans of Hadiya and most of the population consists of Islamic believers. As such, when a false rumor spread in Halaba Kulito town on Saturday, February 09 reporting that a mosque burned down and an Imam killed, Halaba youth were quick to retaliate. Seven churches belonging to Ethiopian Protestant Church were destroyed and torched. Mereja TV reached out to Halaba town Security Office Information Coordinator Ato Serbara Waebo. It is to be recalled that two Mosques were burned down and one was damaged in Gondar, Amhara region after an argument that occurred at a local wedding party. It is known that Ethiopia has been hit with ethnic violence for the past few years and the religious conflict is worsening the situation. Many blame the conflicts on political forces who are out to destroy the peace of the country.