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27,000 Eritreans seek asylum in Ethiopia

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopia-Eritrea border was reopened on September 11, 2018, after 20 years following Prime minister Abiy Ahmed's appointment and his decision to accept the peace agreement signed in 2000. Ever since the border was reopened, 1000-2000 cars and more than 300 people cross on a daily basis. After the reconciliation of the two countries, families were reunited and trade activities have increased substantially. Despite all the good news that came with the event, the number of Eritreans seeking refuge in Ethiopia has increased alarmingly. In just a few months since the reopening of the border, twenty-seven thousand Eritreans have asked for refuge in Ethiopia. It is known that the border has been closed since December 26 due to unknown reasons. Eritrea has a large number of migrants, most of them cite the mandatory military service as a reason to flee while others say its due to economic reasons.