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Interview with Addis Dimts host Abebe Belew

Following prime minister Abiy Ahmed's appointment changes that were thought would never happen have occured. Some of those are the Ethio-Eritrea peace deal agreeement and the prime minister's invitation for opposition party members in exile. Hundreds of Ethiopians who lived in exile abroad afraid for their lives in Ethiopia came back here after the reform. Addis Dimts Radio host Abebe Belew who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in absentia is one of the people who came back home after years in exile. Abebe has been running his famous radio program, Addis Dimts, from Washington, DC – the hub of almost all political, civic, media organizations out of Ethiopia. Mereja TV sat down with Abebe Belew to discuss his views about Ethiopia’s present and future politics, TPLF, and his struggle throughout the years. Watch Abebe Belew's spectacular stay with Mereja TV.