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37,000 displaced Basketo residents call for help

Ethiopia has outranked Syria, Yemen and the Democratic Republic of the Congo by stunning figures of internal displacement. This concerning issue only seems to get worse as time comes since both the world and the Ethiopian government has turned a blind eye. The Ethiopian government hasn’t taken any sustainable measures and has impeccably set a record of delayed response to aid those in need. According to non-profit organizations’ reports, communal shelters are overcrowded, and their capacity to provide food, water, and health services is stretched beyond capacity.

The latest news of migrants call for aid comes from displaced residents of Basketo. Named after its inhabitants the Basketo people, it is an administrative subdivision in Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People (SNNP). Mereja TV contacted Ato Samuel, Basketo Special Woreda Administration Head, for further details on the growing number of migrants in the woreda.

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