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Sheikh Al-Amoudi is a victim of political presssure - Mengistu Zegeye

Ethiopia has been practicing what many call a cosmetic anti-corruption system for years. The failed system manifests in the widely spread political corruption in the country which infected all economic sectors in Ethiopia. Many investors fell into the trap, and Ethiopia lost billions as a result. However, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed is set to change the system and his campaign to rid the system off of corruption seems successful so far. Following the news of Ethiopia’s largest investor Sheikh Al-Amoudi’s release, there have been many speculations as to how the anti-corruption campaign would pan out for Al-Amoudi. The Saudi billionaire had been in detention for the past year under the kingdom's anti-corruption campaign. Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi, born in Ethiopia from a Saudi father and an Ethiopian mother has large scale investments in Ethiopia. His company has been accused of corruption by different parties. Mereja TV interviewed political activist Mengistu Zegeye for his take on the matter.