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Ethiopian armed forces Deputy Chief Gen. Birhanu Jula discusses reform in the military

The military was perceived as a privileged organization from all rules for years. However, reform in the military became a priority ever since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power. Despite its outstanding accomplishments, the military has been tainted with structural gaps in the establishment.

High-level officers of the Ethiopian military held a meeting to discuss reforms on six main points: Obedience to the constitution and free of political alignment, ensuring allegiance to the rules and regulations of the military above personal interests, recruiting capable personnel to strengthen the military, arming the military with modern and technologically advanced weapons enhancing  operational success in all fronts, capacity building through training and accountability and transparency in the military.

Deputy Chief General Birhanu Jula said in an interview on EBC that the reform took in consideration of the recent situations in the country and it covered the military’s outlook, administration establishment, and values.

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