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Brother of General Kinfe Dagnew opposes police request for additional time

Following Prime Minister Abiy's appointment and his reform agenda, there has been an ongoing arrest of senior military figures, high-level intelligence personnel and their associates over alleged large-scale corruption cases and years of human rights abuse against dissidents and rebels. An arrest so far of more than 60 officials has revealed gruesome human rights violations of Ethiopians in the hands of the security, the police, and the intelligence units. Suspects who were arrested during the crackdown led by the Attorney General have all appeared at the federal high court 10th criminal bench in the capital Addis Abeba for a pre-trial hearing. List of suspects includes former METEC director General Kinfe Dagnew and his brother, Essayas Dagnew, a former senior executive of Ethio telecom. On the trial, investigators claimed that they need more time to compile documents and witness testimonies to press charges against the brothers. But the defense lawyers for the suspects claim that police have sufficient time to investigate the case and that the court should reject the police's request for continued custody to conduct its investigations.