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Amhara Region special forces enter Bahir Dar University to control clashes between students

Ethiopia, the ethnically diverse country is being rocked by age-old ethnic tensions and ethnic violence is on the rise. These conflicts are not new, but the levels of violence being witnessed today are very disturbing. One of the places where ethnic-based violence occurs is Universities as students from different regions are assigned to join a certain campus. This week the Amhara Region special forces went into Bahir Dar University campus to calm conflicts between students. The conflict was said to be caused by rumors that were spreading on social media stating that members of the Oromo ethnic group are abusing people with the Amhara ethnic background. In an interview with Mereja TV, Bahirdar University's Information and Strategic Communications Bureau Vice President, Ato Zewdu Emru said that two students were seriously injured while 12 students had minor injuries due to the conflict. It is known that the issue of social media and fake news has been critical in Ethiopia and has its fair share of fueling ethnic-based violence across the country.