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The Amhara Region ruling party, Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), denounces the Kimant Identity Committ

Amhara regional security Chief B. General Asamnew Tsige announced that Kimant Identity Committee no longer represents the people of Kimant. He also said that the reason the Kimant Identity Committee couldn’t fulfill the basic needs of the Kimant people is because it is a puppet of an external force. He also revealed to Mereja TV that there was a time that the Kimant Identity Committee represented the Kimant people but now it doesn’t represent the Kimant people; neither does the Kimant region accept this Identity Committee. He also added that if the committee is not going to work in accordance with its own opinion and according to its own needs in a democratic way, it’s not going to benefit the people. The Amhara Regional Government announced yesterday that an identity claim at this time of instability was not the right thing to do.