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OLF militia displaced Amhara residents in Illubabor

Ethiopia has been rocked with ethnic violence in different regions. The latest round of deadly ethnic violence in the country has hit Jimma, a city found in the Illubabor zone known for coffee harvest. According to residents of the area who contacted Mereja TV yesterday to report the situation, the conflict has been going on for the past two weeks and people with Amhara ethnic background are being persecuted in Gendi Wereda, Illubabor by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) militia. The residents also reported that eleven people have been killed so far and many people are injured. OLF has forced the Amhara people out of their homes, and they are living in the woods until the situation is solved. The residents are calling for the government to take the proper action as soon as possible.  It is to be recalled that the government has accused the OLF of killing civilians in the western parts of Oromia and the controversy regarding the disarming of the party is still not solved.