We were not aware whom we were fighting and why, surrendered Tigrayan forces

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Why Ethiopian Government squarely rejects negotiation with TPLF?


Recently, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed twitted that the Junta [TPLF] group has understood that it is the end of time to its existence and his administration will launch interim administration after detaining criminals.
Meanwhile, some of international institutions have called for a negotiation between the Federal Government and TPLF. However the Federal government did not agree and continues to take measures to dismiss “The Junta Group”, and ensure rule of law as the TPLF forces have committed ‘treason’ on National Defense Force, and the government said that it will never negotiate on national interests, a move which some commentators see it as a right stand.
Talking to The Ethiopian Herald, Tigistu Awolu Chairperson of UDJ party said it is obvious that ethnic based traitors are financed and supported by the junta [TPLF] as a means to strengthening their negotiating power.
“Accordingly there should be no negotiation on violation of rule of law, and operations should be scaled up until criminals face justice.”
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