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Some Ethiopian-Americans implicated in Jijiga prison atrocities

Ethiopian Americans Implicated in Crimes in Ethiopian Prison

During a visit to a prison in Eastern Ethiopia, the President of the Jijiga Regional State Mustafa Mohamed, has disclosed the existence of Ethiopian-Americans who have taken part in crimes committed in a prison in Jigjiga.  The US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Michael Reighnor promised to do whatever it takes to bring the suspects to justice. The prison which is known as Jail Ogaden, was built with a capacity of four hundred inmates. However, ten inmates were being jam-packed in very small cells built for two prisoners.

Mr. Mustafa explained the aim of the visit to the prison was two fold: to prosecute the suspects and to give the lesson to others that violation of human rights has consequences. Ambassador Reighnor expressed gratitude to the victims for coming forward and admired their strength. Now this prison, once a hell on Earth, is empty. The US Ambassador expressed optimism that the rule of law would be respected in the new Ethiopia.