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PM Abiy says Ethiopia's ruling ethnic coalition will become a unitary party soon

The governing Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) came to power in 1991 after the socialist DERG regime was defeated in a civil war. The EPRDF, a coalition of four parties, Tigray People's Liberation Front, Amhara Democratic Party, Oromo Democratic Party, and Southern Ethiopian People's Democratic Movement. It is known that the parties are ethnically based. In a meeting with various representatives of political parties yesterday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that the ethnic coalition that he is currently leading will become a unitary party in a few months time. Ethiopia’s census lists more than 90 ethnic groups, but there are only nine ethnically defined regional assemblies with rights for the officially designated majority ethnic group.  Of which four are members of the EPRDF coalition. For the past few years, ethnic tensions and violence have been on the rise in the country. If it becomes a reality, the EPRDF coalition becoming a unitary party will be one of the major changes made by the reformist leader, prime minister Abiy Ahmed.