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Fuel shortage frustrates Addis Ababa residents

Shortage of fuel in Addis Ababa

Fuel shortage has become a very serious problem in Addis Ababa. Many gas stations are overcrowded with large amounts of vehicles hungry for fuel. This problem is due to a scarcity of Fuel. Data from the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) shows that three billion dollars worth of fuel is imported every year. Drivers explained to EBC that they are having a very hard time finding fuel for their vehicles. On some days, after queuing for a very long time in line, the gas station runs out of fuel and customers go home with their empty vehicles. The head of the EPSE, Mr. Taddesse H/Mariam stated that the fuel shortage is caused by illegal business activity where the fuel is being distributed from gas stations during the night. Although there were some gas stations that were caught doing this, no corrective measures have been taken.

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