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The reform movement in Ethiopia has not taken roots yet - Geresu Tufa

Since coming to power as prime minister in April, Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed has overseen drastic changes that have reshaped the nation’s socio-economic and political trajectory. The changes are nothing short of seismic, proof that nothing remains the same forever. In just over 100 days, the prime minister has taken radical steps aimed at dismantling the country’s troubled past and paving the way for a new future. The reforms he has introduced were unthinkable not so long ago. From accepting a peace deal with Eritrea to releasing thousands of political prisoners and inviting exiled opposition parties to the country, the pace of change in Ethiopia has been so fast. But ethnic tensions and violence have been on the rise in the country, which has been a challenge for the prime minister. The reform movement has not taken roots yet, which explains why we continue to see civil disturbances in various parts of Ethiopia, says political analyst Geresu Tufa.