Will Haile Gebreselassie return to Ethiopian Athletics Federation?

Haile Gebreselassie is a former Olympic gold medalist track athlete and world record holder. Besides his track records, Haile is a successful businessman investing in businesses like construction and resort chain. More than ten years ago, he founded the Great Ethiopian Run, which has since become known as Africa's biggest road race. He is also one of the country elders, a group of Ethiopians who have mediated in political crises in the country since 2005 promoting peace and unity. After retiring, he was nominated and appointed as Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF) in November 2016. Haile resigned from his presidency position from EAF after what he describes as irreconcilable differences with the federation a few months earlier. However, many parties are requesting him to resume his position. In our second segment for the week, we will discuss whether Haile Gebreselassie resumes as president for EAF.